10 Years Ago - 2009

Midge Putnam, Executive Director and Melma Gillis, Associate Executive Director of the Tourism Council of Bullock County, are proud to see coverage of Tourism's Red Door Theatre in Southern Living magazine.

The December 8 meeting of the Magazine Club was held in the festively decorated home of Christy Wadsworth. President Jane Williamson called the meeting to order and members answered roll call with their favorite Christmas tradition.

Mrs. Jennifer Gaston Rodopoulos was awarded Elementary Teacher of the Year for District V at the awards ceremony held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center.

25 Years Ago - 1994

The Bullock County Chamber of Commerce announces the winners of the Christmas Home Decoration Contest. First place was awarded to Ms. Barbara Green and second place was given to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ingram and in third place was Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hinson.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Billy Lewis Shirley of Union Springs, who died Saturday, December 24.

Notice: Rachel Kennedy has joined the staff at June’s His & Hers.

Christmas ads: Zelda’s Family Restaurant, Esquire, Bakery USA, Allen Funeral Home, Jackie’s Fashion & Hair Salon, Hinson Sales Company, Eagle Snack Distributors, First National Bank, Union Springs Smokehouse Pub, Daniel Grocery, Daniel & Son, Inc., Stovall Funeral Home, Badcock Home Furnishings Center, Adams Pecan Company, Inc., Johnny’s Plant Farm, Inc., Memory Chapel, Don and Randy Priori, Barry’s TV & Radio Shack, Wilbert Jernigan and Family, James Grady Shoe Hospital, Dixie Tire Service, Earles Body & Glass, Dot Cannon, Hembree Furniture Company, Royal Crown Cola, Carter Funeral Home, C & J Auto Parts, Wesley & Wesley, Inc., Columbus Mills, Bullock Hardware, Welsh Co., May’s Amoco Service Station, Pik Furniture, James Flower Grocery, Bert’s Beauty & Floral Shop, Presto Cleaners, Piggly Wiggly, Community Bank and Trust, Robo Car Wash, Union Springs Grocery & Kountry Kitchen, Green Furniture Store, O. L. Brooks Grocery, Union Springs Pharmacy, Builders Supply, Singleton’s Body Shop, Union Springs Smokehouse, Dixie Electric Cooperative, First National Bank, Hall’s Lil Cub, Hoyt’s Radio & TV, Utilities Board

50 Years Ago - 1969

Announcement: Doughnut Shop now open for business. Doughnuts baked fresh daily. Located at 203 North Prairie between Dixie Service Center and Hembree Furniture.

Roger Watts, Larry Watts, Jerry Finlayson, Larry Finlayson and Steve Stuart motored to Memphis, Tennessee Friday night and attended the Alabama - Colorado football game Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas May wish to announce the birth of a 9 lb. 11 oz. baby girl born December 21 in Bullock County Hospital whom they have named Maryanna.

Christmas Ads: Union Springs Herald - Mr. W. H. Garner, Sr., Mary Hassett, Henry Thomas, Jr., Mrs. W. H. Garner, Sr., Thomas May, Ann Roten, Jean Watts, Earl Phillips Willie Youngblood.

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