10 Years Ago - 2010

The following businesses had Christmas ads in the paper: John W. Waters, Jr.; Main Drug Store; Bullock County Hospital; AmeriFirst; Prairieview Liberty; Cornerview; Poe’s Memory Chapel; Robo Carwash; Truck Farm Salvage Yard - Ricky Brown and family; State Farm Insurance - Walt Chapman; Rutland Law, LLC; Wayne Farms; City Clerk’s Office; Union Springs Pharmacy; Lakeview; Hembree Furniture; Jinks. Crow & Dickson, P.C.; Walking on the Moon Animal Hospital.

25 Years Ago - 1995

The following businesses had Christmas ads in the paper: Union Springs Herald; Bullock County Hospital; Jackie’s Fashion and Hair Salon; Zelda’s Family Restaurant and Elm’s Grocery; Bert’s Beauty and Floral Shop; Dot Cannon, Avon; Crispy Chick; Daniel Grocery and Daniel & Son, Inc.; Stovall Funeral Home; Union Springs Grocery and Kountry Kitchen; Earles Body Shop; Singleton’s Body Shop; O. L. Brooks Grocery; Union Springs Pharmacy; Hinson Sales and Eagle Snack Distribution; GRP: Greenway Inn; Greenway Food Marts; Badcock Home Furnishing; Royal Crown Cola, Wayne Roughton distributer; Barry’s TV and Radio Shack; Green’s Furniture Store; Bullock Hardware; Mason & Associates Real Estate, Tommy Mason, Brocker; Dixie Electric Coop; C & J Auto Parts; Presto Cleaners; Carter’s Nite Spot; May’s Amoco Service Station; First National Bank; Bullock County Commission, John C. Trussell, James Perry, Randoph Hall, Dock McGowan and Alonza Ellis; Carter Funeral Home; Combest Satellite, TV and Carports; Dixie Tire Service; Don and Randy Priori; Wesley & Wesley, Inc.; Builers Supply Co.; Robo Car Wash; Hembree Furniture Company; Allen Funeral Home; American National Bank; Piggly Wiggly; Wilbert Jernigan, Circuit Clerk; Citly Clerk’s Office; Columbus Mills; Pik Furniture; James Grady Shoe Shop; Memory Chapel Funeral Home; Hall’s Lil Cub; Adams Pecan Company, Inc.; Johnny’s Plant Farm, Inc.; Bullock Propane Gas Co.; Ginson’s Home Center; Gibson’s Furniture, Gifts & Accessories.

50 Years Ago - 1970

The following businesses had Christmas ads in the paper: Hall Mercantile Co. in Midway; Korner Kupboard; A&P; M. F. Johnson Superette; The Herald Staff: W. H. Garner, Sr., Mrs. W. H. Garner, Sr., Earl and Moline Phillips and family, Mary Hassett and family, Henry Thomas and family; Wesley’s Garage; The Hobby Shop, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson; Anderson Hardware; McGregor Printing Corporation; Bonnie Plant Farm; Renfroe’s Standard Service Station; Cohn’s; Dixie Electric Cooperative; Loving, Cochran & Powell; Shaw Mercantile; The Fair Company; Union Springs Motor Company; Firestone Home and Auto; American National Bank; Bert’s Beauty, Floral & Fashion Shop; Rosenstihl’s; Milton Brooks Grocery; May’s Gulf Service Station; Sears; U. S. 29 Standard Sta.; McGowan Brothers; The Grill; Union Springs Furniture Co.; Madelon’s Beauty Shop; James Grady Shoe Shop; The Fricke’s; Holmes Cafe; Tip Top Cafe, Pete and Dora Cole; Union Springs Grocery & Market, Marion and Glenda Rotton; Western Auto; Edwards and Foster Ins. Agency; Franklin’s Floral & Gift Shop; Renfroe Ice and Pecan Company; Robo Car Wash, Benny Youngblood; Locklar’s General Merchandise; J. W. Fowler’s Grocery and Mkt.; Main Drug Store; Liberty National Life Insurance, B. E. Cos and Family; Carroll-Bozeman Motor Co.; Thomas 82 Service Station; Comfort Motel; Dot’s Florist, Dot and Leotha Long; Genuine Auto Parts; Youngblood’s Standard Service Station; Bullock County Propane Gas Co.; Double “G” Mobile Homes; Blue’s Grocery; Hoyts Radio & TV Service; McDaniel Distibuting Company; Hinson’s Village; Sims Brothers Feed & Fertilizer; K & M Gin & Feed Company; First National Bank; Dixie Tire & Automotive Service; Builders Supply Company; Springer Lumber Company; Snow and Nell Jones; Welsh Company of the South; C. B. Williams Oil Co., Inc.; Bryan’s Dept. Store; Bullock County Exchange; Souther Building Materials; Rogers Ferilizer Company; Wayne Poultry Co.; Wood Cleaners, Charlie, Louise, Ouida; Sewell’s Barber Shop; Cowikee Mills, Union Springs Truck & Tractor; Farmers Hardware, Mrs. J. D. Cade; U. S. Auto Parts; Green Construction Company; Dixie Bullock Hardware; Union Springs Pharmacy, Bod, Ida Lou, Dewey and Anice; Dari-Deluxe, Robert and Ruth; W. H. Turner, Agent, Standard Oil Company; Smitty’s Cafe, Alph and Eula; Parr’s Amoco Service Station; Green’s Furniture Store; Coffe Pot Cafe, William and Mary Renfroe; Jordan Drug Store, Watt, Robert, James and Mike; Hembree Furniture Store; Flower’s Barber Shop; Mrs. Patsy B. Pritchett, Alabama Farm Bureau Insurance; City Barber Shop.

75 Years Ago - 1945

The following businesses had ads in the paper: Lilfred Theatre; Western Auto Associate Store; Sylvester Helms Grocery & Market; The Montgomery Advertiser; Alabama Journal; Jordan Drug Company; Main Drug Store; A & P; The Maxie Pepperman Agency, Jack Rainer; M. Cohn & Son; The Fair Company; Cameron-Chappell Furniture Company; American National Bank; First National Bank; Dean Electric Company; L. D. Wilson; M. Cohn & Son; McLendon Moor Freight Service.

100 Years Ago - 1920

The following businesses had ads in the paper: J. C. Franklin Groceries; Lamar’s Drug Store; The Fair Company; Ravvenscroft Drug Co.; Strand Theatre; The J. S. Carroll Mercantile Co.; Eley Motor Co.; Royal Shoe Shop; Rainer Hardware Co.

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