10 Years Ago - 2011

A ribbon-cutting was the occasion for the Union Springs/Bullock County Chamber of Commerce to gather with Gary Weiss at the Union Pizza Company.

The Bullock County Tourism Council is partnering with PALS in a clean-up day this Saturday.

Mayor John McGowan appointed Charlotte Phillips to the Union Springs Planning Commission. He also announced the appointment of an advisory board to the Police Committee. The mayor made those appointments as follows: David Crabb, Eugene Faulk, Barbara McLaurine, Dr. James Poe, and Rev. Ronald Anglin.

VS Nails is having a Ribbon Cutting on April 19, 2011. Come by for refreshments and look at their new nail salon.

25 Years Ago - 1996

Mrs. Elizabeth Smithart announced today that this year’s Chunnenuggee Arts and Crafts Fair is being sponsored in part by Community Bank & Trust.

May’s Distributing Co., Inc. has moved to its newly constructed building at the corner of Martin Luther King and Blackmon Street. Mr. Spooky May, the owner, welcomes all to come by his newly established facility.

50 Years Ago - 1971

Howard Morgan is back in the American National Bank after he and Dickey toured Spain, Portugal, and Europe. I asked him how he felt and he said he was a little sore. “From your trip?” I asked. “No”, he said, “from working in the yard.” He explained that the yard need some attention when he got back and he had been working in it.

Among those going over to Dothan for the Home-Garden Tour were Mrs. C. G. Shanks, Mrs. W. A. Orr, Mrs. Phil Richardson, Mrs. Fred McLendon, Mrs. G. E. Fisher, Mrs. R. E. L. Cope, and Mrs. W. H. McCaslan

Mrs. Inez Colquitt has returned from a delightful visit with the James Griffins in Daleville, Miss.

Cadet SFC William K. Klingler of Fitzpatrick has been named to the Dean’s List at Marion Institute for the 5th grading period. A college Sophomore Cadent Klingler is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Klingler of Fitzpatrick.

75 Years Ago - 1946

Dr. W. H. McCaslan, Mrs. McCaslan, and Miss Lucy McCaslan left Monday for Birmingham, where Dr. McCaslan attendees a meeting of the Alabama State Medical Association.

Mr. O. W. Holmes, the proprietor of the business formerly operated as the City Creamery, announces that he has changed the name to Holmes Ice Cream Co. Mr. Holmes has recently installed a new refrigerated truck, which with new equipment for the manufacture of ice cream, enables them to supply all customers within a 100-mile radius of Union Springs.

Cadet Jerry Green, of G. M. A., spent several days at home last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Green. Mr. and Mrs. Green carried him back to Atlanta Sunday and they were also accompanied by Miss Jeanette Kelly and Miss Catherine Petit, of Atlanta, who had been their guests for the week-end. En route, they visited the “Little White House,” at Warm Springs, Ga., and the Magic Hill at Manchester, Ga.

100 Years Ago - 1921

The Adult Missionary Society met Monday with the delightful hostess, Mrs .C. H. Franklin.

Mrs. Allen Reid’s apartment at the home of Mrs. C J. Jinks on Chunnenuggee Street was the place for the meeting of the As You Like It Rook Club on Tuesday.

The following girls have been nominated for Queen of the May Festival: Sarah Lee Pierce, Virginia Crook, Sarah Bragg Horn, Mary Chilton Anderson, Sarah McAndrew, Marion Moseley, Margaret Ramsey, Martha Branscomb, Willella Gholston, Marguerite Haris, Helen Rosenstihl and Mary Reeves.

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