10 Years Ago - 2010

Tim Tompkins has made a request to use a city building to house his ambulance service.

The Magazine Club held its October meeting in the stately home of Mrs. Ann Powell.

25 Years Ago - 1995

Hurricane Opal passed through Bullock County Wednesday as it continued its journey through Alabama and Georgia leaving a path of destruction. Wind strength of 65-100 miles per hour bounced from tree to tree uprooting some of the county’s large oaks and devastating the pecan orchards throughout the county. No injuries or deaths were reported in Bullock County.

Local physician Orizaba Emfinger announced today that he will be retiring November 1, 1995. He noted that it had been a difficult decision for him. Dr. Emfinger has practiced here since 1951.

50 Years Ago - 1970

It was reported to the Herald this week that Mrs. Jimmy Montgomery (Ginger Paulk) did a magnificent job of taking care of the injured in an automobile accident last Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Montgomery took special care of a small child who was injured in the accident. Thanks, Ginger for your kindness.

The Bullock Memorial Spartans are having a good season for their first school year. They are undefeated and have six wins. The recent ratings showed the Spartans as the No. 3 team in the State among the private schools.

Chief of Police Travis Tillery issued a warning this week against those who like to toss eggs on Halloween night as an act of fun. Twenty-five dollar fine makes it kind of expensive fun, doesn’t it?

Jane Norton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Norton, Jr. of Union Springs was elected to reign as Harvest Queen at the Harvest Festival at Macon Academy, Tuskegee, Ala.

Mrs. C. G. Shanks and Mrs. George Harden will hold their annual antique sale from their respective residences on Oct. 16, 17, and 18.

75 Years Ago - 1945

Miss Nellie Gray Bozeman has accepted a position in the office of Mr. W. R. Turnipseed, with the Farm Credit Administration. This place was formerly filled by Mrs. J. W. Springer, Jr., who recently resigned.

Mrs. Herbert R. Chapman and Mrs. Comer F. Green spent Monday in Montgomery.

A congenial crowd of girls formed a party Saturday and attended the football game in Montgomery. They were Sarah McLendon, Bootie Williams, Elizabeth Blue, Martha Haygood, Peggy Armstrong, Margaret Ann Hamner, Lovie Jean Kilgore, and Lucy McCaslan.


100 Years Ago - 1920

There will be a football game next Friday afternoon at the ball park here, between the Union Springs High School and the Auburn High School. Foster states that his probable line-up to start off in Friday’s game will be: James Laney, James Milligan, Allen Dawson, Charles Pringle, Robert Cope, Dozier Fitzpatrick, Jesse Laney, John Feagin, Ernest Rainer, Smut Branscomb, Charles Singelton and William Harris. If by chance this line-up fails to hold and gain against the heavy Auburn High School Squad, U.S. will send in the following subs to try their skill: John Crook, Kleab Loflin, Glen Jones, Thompie Ogletree, Edgar Barbaree and several others.

Mrs. Lynn Jinks was hostess to the East Conecuh Book Club on Wednesday afternoon when she entertained at the lovely home of her mother, Mrs. G. R. Peddy. Delicious fruit salad and tea were served at the conclusion of the games.

Miss Julia Norton left Sunday afternoon for Midway where she has accepted a position to teach.

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