10 Years Ago - 2011

AmeriFirst Bank Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Alfred F. Cook. Jr. has been named Executive Chairman of the AmeriFirst Bank Board of Directors.

The Bullock County Republican Party met at the Union Pizza Restaurant. The meeting was opened with prayer by Buddy Allen and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ginger Austin.

The Union Springs/Bullock County Chamber of Commerce was honored to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the new business, VS Nails.

25 Years Ago - 1996

The annual Chunnenuggee Arts and Crafts Fair will be held this Saturday in downtown Union Springs and a large crowd is expected to attend the gala affair.

Sewer work along Conecuh Ave. and Abercrombie St. continues. Once the sewer lines have been re-routed, a new drug store is planned for the lot at the corner of MLK Blvd. and Conecuh Ave.

Lions Club President Durden Dean announced today that the Union Springs Lions Club will be selling light bulbs, mops, and brooms at the Chunnenuiggee Fair Saturday, May 4 in Union Springs.

The Lighthouse String Ensemble will perform at the Chunnenuggee Fair on Saturday, May 4 at 11:00 a.m. as part of the day’s entertainment. Members are Mike Fortune, Betty Adams, Mason Brooks, Amanda Benton, and Mike Benton.

50 Years Ago - 1971

Miss Wanda Chance and Mrs. Jean Phelps will leave today (Thursday) via jet for a week’s vacation in the Bahamas.

Moher’s Day Gifts from Main Drug Store: Montag Stationery; Perfumes by Revlon, Faberge, Lenel, Crepe de Chene, Dorothy Gray, and Tussy; Mother’s Day Greeting by American Greeting; other suggestions; Household Gifts, TV Trays, Billfolds, Ladies Westclock Wrist Watches; and Whitman’s Candy.

75 Years Ago -1946

The Alley Brothers of Midway, Alabama, have entered calves in the show and sale being held in Birmingham this week. It may be remembered that these 4-H club boys showed and sold a calf that was reserve champion winner in the sow held in Montgomery during the first week of April this year. One of the calves being entered at Birmingham won first place in light weight Hereford Class at the Montgomery Show recently. These boys have worked hard to place their calves in condition to show, but it is felt that they will be rewarded for their efforts by receiving a premium price for their animals.

Mr. and Mrs. George Blue came up from Mobile and spent the weekend with relatives here and at Aberfoil.

The following boys are playing on the Shopton team: Bubber Stuart, James Otha Chance, Dan Betts, Lewis Pickett, Curry Williams, Ernest F, Tompkins, Kenneth Howell, George Howell, Jack Cantey, Jessie Woolf, H. F. Harwell, Robert L. Faulkner, and Joe Brabham. The games will be played in Knowles’ Pasture, on the Hector-Fitzpatrick Road.

100 Years Ago - 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Feagin Rainer motored out from Montgomery in a pretty new model Buick and spent Friday.

You are going to miss something if you are not at the Presbyterian Church next Sunday morning at eleven o’clock. Special Mother’s Day Program.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Gachet, of Mt. Andrew, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Keith Whittington.

For Sale - 4 milk cows with young calves, 6 Duroc pgs, 1 well broke plow ox. A. W. Oliver.

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