Luke Sturdivant

Luke Sturdivant

The Bullock County Hornets boys’ basketball season is off to a good start. Led by Coach Douglas Moore in his eighth season, the Hornets are coming off one of the best finishes in school history after winning the regional championship and reaching the AHSAA 3A semifinals or final four.

Jalaceon Green is the lone returning starter and he is having a phenomenal year; however, Luke Sturdivant has emerged as one to watch as well. Luke is the oldest of eight boys and moved to Bullock County during the summer of 2018 from Saginaw, Michigan.

At six feet four inches tall, it is easy to see why Sturdivant would do well as a basketball player. However, this was not the case last season.

Sturdivant was a timid reserve who was still trying to figure things out. Coach Moore encouraged Sturdivant to play football and the difference is incredible. His hard work at the recreation center, playing football and being a year older has really changed his game.

When asked about his exciting start to the season Coach Moore said “Luke is 6’4”, but he is playing like he is 6’8”. Coach Moore believes athletes should play multiple sports.

Sturdivant played football this past season for the first time. He led the team in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. He also had an interception on defense and a special team’s touchdown after he blocked a punt and returned it 40 yards for a score.

Sturdivant’s numbers on the basketball court are much more impressive. He scored 28 points against rival Barbour County and had twenty rebounds. That double spurred similar statistics against Carroll and Central Hayneville.

He had nineteen and twelve against Carroll and fourteen and thirteen against Central Hayneville. The most exciting part of his game may be his shot blocking ability. He is averaging five blocks per game and this is only his second year of organized basketball.

Luke is not the only Hornet playing well, but is one to watch. When you hear the echo of the crowd scream Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke, you know he’s made another big play.

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