Darius Cates

Darius Cates

After starting the first week of 2022 strong with two great wins (Smith Station 58-56 and BTW Tuskegee 74-65), the Bullock County Hornets played their most dominating game in the season against Barbour County.

The Hornets outplayed the winless Jaguars with experience and energy. Bullock County obliterated the competition with stifling defense, forcing turnovers off 22 steals and turning them into transition points.

The Hornets did not allow any play in the paint, shutting down penetration and not allowing second-chance points grabbing 17 defensive rebounds.

On offense, the Hornets turned the game into a dunk fest. It was not a competition as Bullock County blitzed Barbour County 62-13 as the final score. The seniors spoke about their time in Hornets’ basketball.

“I didn’t play my ninth-grade year, but my tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade years have been amazing. Coach Mo [Douglas Moore] allowed me to play varsity my 10th-grade year. In the eleventh Coach, Graves came in to be the head coach. We built chemistry together. In twelfth grade, we were doing better than last season. And we’re trying to make it to Birmingham to win a state championship,” said Dekarie Anthony.

Amarion Tolliver discussed his physical growth and his growth in the game: “In the ninth-grade year, I was 5’11, and I wasn’t that good in basketball. I was a normal guy and tried out and somehow made it.

"Mr. Tyree changed my life as a player. In tenth grade, I grew to 6’2 and that was when I started getting really good. In eleventh grade, I grew three inches and, in the summer played AAU. Now I’m 6’5, and here I am.” Nashawn Johnson talked about the coaches helping him improve and the goal for the rest of the season: “My four years at Bullock County was good. In my Ninth and tenth grade years, I wasn’t that good, but Coach Graves and Mr. Tyree got me right. Now we’re about to win this championship.”

Dekarie Anthony finished the game with 17 points, Amrion Tolliver posted 14 points and Nashawn Johnson contributed 6 points and 6 rebounds.

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