By Darius Cates

Friday was the 2022 installment of the "Battle of Hwy 29" between the B.C. Hornets and The Booker T. Washington Golden Eagles in Union Springs. The Hornets were looking to get the big trophy back in the Hornets' trophy case.

The Eagles came in with a game plan to use their explosive offensive attack. The Eagles began the competition with an opening kickoff return for a touchdown. The Hornets were outplayed since the opening kickoff.

Bullock County could not keep up the BTW's running game. The Eagles' running opened up the Hornet's secondary to use the air attack.

The home team gave two passes in the first half (63 yards and 25 yards). The Hornets also got played in special teams.

The Hornets gave up another kick return after the Hornets' punt. The Hornets were stopped in the backfield.

With the lack of blocking, BCHS's quarterback Dominick Graves was rushed with no protection. He had no time to settle in the pocket.

The Hornets did have a highlight play as Jay Smith dashed in to end zone with a blazing kickoff touchdown return. The Hornets did allow a rushing touchdown at the end of the first half. The halftime score was 32-6.

In the second half, BTW continued their offensive dominance earning three more touchdowns (2 passes, 1 rush). Booker T. Washington took the 54-6 win. Bullock County will head to Montgomery to face the undefeated Montgomery Catholic Knights.

The kickoff is at 7:00 P.M.

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