Darius Cates

Darius Cates

By Darius Cates

On Monday, December 21, 2020, the Bullock County Hornets traveled to Eufaula High School for the Lake Eufaula Classic Tournament sponsored by Thelma’s Kitchen.

Their first-round matchup was versus the Red Devils of Central-Phoenix City.

It began with the Hornets playing aggressive defense and crashing the boards. The Hornets’ tough defense forced the Red Devils into committing numerous turnovers in the opening quarter. However, Central began to display their size advantage.

They really used their big man to dominate down low in the paint.

After Central switched their defense to a full-court press, Bullock County did have trouble on the offensive end.

The Hornets could not hit from the outside and struggled to infiltrate to the basket.

Despite the Red Devils taking a commanding lead early in the game, the Hornets built momentum at the end of the first half.

They started to hit their stride draining their jump shots and finding their way to get inside scoring.

Bullock County cut the lead to single digits only being down 30-21 by halftime. Bullock County had trouble in the second half.

Central’s defense made it difficult for the Hornets to maneuver down the court making it difficult to run their offense.

The Red Devils scored in the paint from drives and back door cuts. Central also scored from fast-break points off the Hornets’ turnovers (21 total turnovers).

The Hornets’ were defeated 69-37, being knocked out of the tournament. De’Karia Anthony was the Hornets’ leading scorer with 16 points.

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