Bullock County High School Hornets and Coaches

Bullock County High School Hornets and Coaches

By Darius Cates

Friday night, the Hornets traveled to Geneva to battle a tough Panthers team of Geneva High School. Bullock County was short-handed missing vital players: Jamal Thomas, Jaymarkis Foster, Zitavious Taylor, and Eldrick Caldwell. Because of the lack of depth, the Hornets were outmatched from kickoff.

The Hornets had trouble holding the Panthers’ offense to limited yards. Geneva ran all through the defensive line for significant gains. Bullock County also had trouble avoiding penalty flags. Geneva went up early (7-0) with a rushing touchdown.

The positive note for the Hornets’ offense is a valiant effort by lineman Jy’Quvius Lee playing tailback. He was very dominant from the backfield running over tacklers and pushing the pile to gain plus yards. Lee was a force every time he stepped onto the field.

The Hornets had problems holding on to possession, Despite Lee’s determination. The offense had two early turnovers, a stripped ball, and an interception, resulting in Geneva’s touchdowns. The Hornets’ found themselves in a 21-0 deficit at the end of the first quarter.

The Hornets allowed two more touchdowns, a long run, and a short screenplay in the second period. At the end of the half, Jermakis Parker was able to rush from the backfield for a TD off a pitch. Jarquavious Smith ran for a two-point conversion.

Bullock County faced a 34-8 deficit at halftime. Due to the Panthers’ lead going into halftime, the time was cut to eight-minute quarters for the second half. The Hornets allowed another touchdown from a long Panthers’ run.

Not to be completely shut out in the last two quarters, another lineman playing tailback, Kyran Thomas, rushed in for his touchdown. Geneva took the 41-14 as the final score.

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