By Felicia Farnsworth

Ka’Darian Hill, a defensive lineman for Ole Miss, called his mother moments after he received the news.

“Hey, Mom. I did it, Mom. I won the Chucky Mullins. Yeah, it ain’t done yet, though. I got some more to go. I got some more to accomplish. Thank you, Mom. Thank you. I’m going to wear it with pride,” is all Hill could muster through his sobs of happiness.

The award is presented annually to an Ole Miss upperclassman defensive player that embodies the spirit of Mullins - courage, leadership, perseverance, and determination. Ka’Darian and his mother, Arneta Williams, both grew up in Bullock County on Highway 82. Arneta resides in Eufaula, where Hill went to school and played football.

Hill calls Union Springs his home and has it immortalized in tattoo form of the Highway 82 sign.

The Chucky Mullins Courage Award was named for the Ole Miss defensive back who was tragically injured in a 1989 game against Vanderbilt.

The award goes to the player who exhibits the same traits Mullins, also an Alabama native showed before and after his injury. “It was truly a blessing to be able to wear that number, an honor, and a privilege,” Hill told Steve Barnes of

“It’s something I’ve been working towards since I was a freshman here. The first time I visited here, I learned about his number and always told myself I would get it, and that’s just determination and perseverance because it hasn’t been easy on my journey here, and I thank God for everything He’s thrown at me because it only made me stronger.”

Due to his manifestations and perseverance, Hill will not be wearing the #55 jerseys this year. This year he will be wearing the #38 jersey, Chucky Mullins’ old number.

Great job and good luck on the field to one of Union Springs’ sons, Ka’Darian Hill.

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