By Darius Cates

The Hornets went down to Andalusia to battle the Straughn Tigers on Friday night, September 4, 2020. Bullock County made their presence known early when their special team recovered the kickoff fumble.

Hornets’ quarterback Robert “Pooh Bear” Williams capitalized off the turnover throwing a 25-yard touchdown to wide receiver Jarquavious Smith (two-point conversion run by Bryant Grant was successful).

Straughn High School answered banging their way towards the end zone with their rushing attack. The Hornets’ offense started strong but their defense was the complete opposite. Straughn ran all over the Hornets defensive line in every angle from down the middle to the right and left side. The Tigers tied the game with their rushing attack and a two point conversion throw. Hornets were able to find their way back in the end zone.

Bryant Grant caught a 20 yarder from Williams by out running his man to be open and racing to the right sideline. The Hornets led 14-8 after the first half.

The momentum of the game greatly changed by the third quarter. Straughn High School completely took over the competition through all aspects of the game. It started off with Bullock County’s special team not able to handle the ball.

Tigers’ running back Trey Strickland ran a 72-yard run down the middle like a locomotive (2-pt conversion throw was no good). On offense the Hornet’s looked totally disastrous.

The defense was not capable of holding their opponent’s running game. Straughn’s Trey Strickland ran for two more touchdowns along with a touchdown run by Jaylon Guilford (two-pt conversion run and extra kick was no good).

The Tigers took the Hornets’ spirit with a 26-14 victory.

The Hornets will travel to Montgomery to face St. James Trojans on September 11, 2020. Kickoff at 7:00 p.m.

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