Union Springs Rec. plays in the River Region All-Star Game

Union Springs Rec. plays in the River Region All-Star Game

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Courtney Woodfaulk, Director of Union Springs Recreation Department

The River Region Youth Football League held its annual All-Star Turf Classic tournament on Saturday, November 16, 2019, at Stanley Jensen Stadium in Prattville, Alabama.

This North vs. South matchup featured the top athletes of both the River Region and the Chilton Youth Leagues.

Players were selected from all four Union Springs Hornets teams to play on behalf of the South All-Stars in each of the age brackets. There were a total of 19 Hornet players selected to compete in the tournament.

The Union Springs Hornets All-Star roster is as follows: Braylon Caldwell, Tre’Shawn Cummings, and Dalvin McNabb from the Midgets; DeAndre Allen, Bryant Harris, and Jaylen Parker from the Crickets; Devonte Banks, Tyekelis Wallace, and Brayden Youngblood from the Termites; and Ta’Markis Anderson, Kelvin Jiles, Jordan King, JeMarcus Parker, Dylan Purter, JeDarion Robbins, Ckyler Simmons, and Diwonne Williams from the Juniors.

The South All-Stars dominated in the Termite and Junior divisions to take home the win, but the North came out on top for the other two divisions.

The Union Springs Recreation Department would like to thank all parents, community members, and friends that showed up to support our All-Stars.

The Union Springs Hornets’ Junior football team will be hosting its First Annual Holiday Tournament at Bullock County High School on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

The teams competing in this Holiday tournament include the Montgomery Elite, Montgomery Cardinals, Selma Rebels, and your very own Union Springs Hornets.

Admission for this all-day event is $5 per person.

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Kendall Huner

I was pretty much interested in the last year’s River Region Youth Football League because my son was playing in the Union Springs Rec. here is resume2hire for your help in essays. He stunned me by giving an outclass performance throughout the league.

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