By Darius Cates

On the first Friday of October, the Hornets had a home game against Dale County. Bullock County started the game with some momentum on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side, the Hornets swarmed all over the Warriors’ backfield. The secondary made it difficult for Dale County to have a passing game. It was indeed a “No Fly Zone.”

Quarterback Robert Williams was hot in the first half. He scored a rushing touchdown off a quarterback carry from the RedZone (2-Pt Conversion was no good). Williams threw a 25-yard strike to the right side to Brandon Perry.

Bullock County was building a significant lead until minutes before halftime. At the end of the second period, Dale County ran one in for a touchdown (Extra point was good).

Entering the second half, the Hornets had a 12-7 lead. During the game, one can only realize the poor calls and questionable decisions by the game officials. There were two Bullock County’s touchdowns that were wiped away due to wrong offensive holding penalty calls. Back in the first half, the Hornets’ defense forced a fumble while the Warriors’ runner was still on his feet, which could have been returned for a touchdown but, the opposing player was called down.

During the third quarter, Bullock County was sparking a good drive to put them in scoring position. The officials paused the game for five minutes in an attempt to reset the time to 2:07; the time showed 2:05 on the clock.

With the officials being so obsessed with two seconds, it ruined the Hornets’ energy. Throughout the competition, the Hornets would be penalized after a big gain. There was a lack of calls against the Warriors on during their possessions.

Dale County was able to score another rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter. Bullock County had one more chance to win with 1:24 to go in the game. During the final drive, there was a pass interference penalty against the Warriors.

The second play was a huge catch by Brandon Perry. The next four downs did not pan out for the Hornets with a play where the ball was with an over snapped followed by three incomplete passes.

The Hornets failed to Dale County 14-12 as the final score.

The officials’ performance had spectators scratching their heads and pondering the thought of “What if?”

On October 8, the Hornets will face off the Ashford Yellowjackets down in Ashford. Kickoff began at 7:00 p.m.

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