# 35 and Coach Smith

# 35 and Coach Smith

By Darius Cates

Friday night, Bullock County took a trip down Midland City to face the Dale County Warriors. Dale County High School was celebrating their homecoming, and the Hornets were looking forward to crashing the party.

It started as a hard knock battle with both teams going blow for blow on the defensive sides. The Hornets’ had vital plays early in the game, forcing two turnovers (one interception and one fumble recovery). BC was able to strike first after Jamal Thomas rushed down the middle with a touchdown run at the Warrior’s red zone (Two-point conversion was no good).

Dale County was able to answer and take the lead 7-6 at the half. At the start of the third quarter, a miscommunication during kickoff resulted in a Warriors fumble recovery for a touchdown. The situation was one of the controversial plays.

On offense, the Hornets had a hard time moving down the field. The offensive had trouble blocking and giving the backfield protection. The Warriors had easy access down the middle of BC’s defense. The Hornets’ allowed three rushing touchdowns in the second half. Dale County downed the Hornets 33-12 as a result. Jamal Thomas was able to get his second rushing TD for Bullock County.

There were a few miscalls by the officiating crew and questionable penalties against the Hornets throughout the competition, which caused confusion and some frustration. The officiating did take away the flow of the game and Bullock County’s momentum.

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