By Thomas May

When two Eagles team play each other, who will win? An Eagles team. That happened Tuesday night when the Christian Springs Eagles played host to Victory Eagles of Millbrook. The local Eagles trounced the visiting Eagles 71-32. In fact, the visiting Eagles scored only one point in the first quarter while the local Eagles poured in 21. The lead at halftime was 32-13.

Coach Putnam played all team members throughout the game.

A. J. Taylor and Lott Putnam were strong in the three-point category. Taylor scored five three pointers and ended with 31 points. Putnam hit four three pointers for a total of 26 points.

Caleb Smoker had seven points and Miguel Gudino had six. Ishmael Walker hit one three-pointer.

Tress Graham’s Lady Eagles of CSCS were victorious against the Eagles of Millbrook. Alexis Larkins tossed in 14 points to lead the Eagles in scoring, followed by McKinley Renfroe with 11 and Brooke Graham with nine. The Eagles of Millbrook put on a full court press and stole the ball several times. They cut the score to a five-point lead before the local Eagles were able to overcome and ended with a 44-37 win.

If you have not seen CSCS Eagles play this year, you have missed a treat. Why not visit the local gym and support the Eagles who are having their best season in a long time.

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