Bullock County High School Football Class of 2020

Bullock County High School Football Class of 2020

It was indeed an honor to coach you in your senior year. My high school football coach died a few weeks ago, and it affected me in ways I did not expect. There is an incredible bond between a coach and his players.

Do you all remember when I had a senior's only meeting with you this past summer in the corner of the gym near the boys' PE locker room and Coach Moore's office?

Remember, I told you that 2020 had a nice ring to it and that you all were going to be the first senior class to take us to the playoffs. Do you remember? You all did what no one thought could be done. Congratulations.

Remember that for the rest of your life. Someone is going to tell you several things that you cannot do. Prove them wrong. Statistics say there is a good chance you will be in prison.

Prove the numbers wrong. Statistics say there is a good chance you will not get married. Prove the numbers wrong. Statistics say you will not be a great father. Prove the numbers wrong. Remember, the best way to be a great father is to marry their mother first and spend time with your children. Posting pictures on social media and buying Jordan's are not characteristics of a great father.

I wish you all the best in whatever field you choose. My first group of seniors, the class of 2019, has made me proud. Many of them had a great first year after graduation.

I was hoping to see Pooh Bear's class walk across the stage. They would have been my first full class, but it did not work out that way. You guys have so much potential. I am really excited to follow your journey.

Remember, I expect an invitation to your college or military graduation and your wedding. One thing I regret about my high school coach passing away is that we never got together to do anything. One of y’all take the lead and make sure every few years we get together and hang out. It is so important. I have done that with some of my other schools, and it has been excellent.

Remember when Kendall made us all cry in Georgia when he told us he had talked to Coach Vines all night, and he had watched his teammates change, and that gave him the courage to become a Christian and no longer live as an atheist?

Remember when Keldrick was the coach on the field and got the entire secondary lined up? Then he got hurt, and we have not lined up right since.

I remember when Chucky was the first person to talk on the Christy Crow Sports Show. He is so quiet and shy; I did not even know he could speak. When that camera came on, he turned into Steve Harvey. He was ready.

Remember when Primo would get in trouble, and he would act like he could not understand English?

Do you remember that one game when King Lewi led the team in tackles? Oh, that was almost every game. What y’all did not know is that I caught him at the dentist's office one day during seventh period talking to one the employees with his practice jersey on.

I remember Streeter got a little mad with me when he brought his friend from the other school to FCA, and she wanted to take a selfie with me. I told Streeter to keep his friends and Auntie away from me. Ha!

Remember when Luke blocked a punt and scored a touchdown on the same play? Remember the basketball season he had? Luuuuuuuuuuukke! He got off! Double double, after double double.

Remember when Kam started losing weight and looking like his dad? You remember, it was right after he became a lady's man.

Remember when Marcus was mad and yelled: I'M FROM THE A! So glad he decided to come out and play his senior year.

Remember Calloway got hurt when he was just standing there, and I said it is not that bad? He was out for the year. I was wrong. I am definitely not a doctor.

The same thing happened to Snell in the summer, we could have really used him.

Remember when Flint broke his ankle? That was crazy. Y'all cried instantly. When you saw your brother hurt you hurt instantly. That is empathy. That is love.

Then y’all went out there and won the game for him. Oh, and I know they fired me Flint- but you owe the booster club $20 because they had to cut your sock to operate on your ankle. Speaking of cutting, Kam, they had to cut your jersey, so I need you to go to Adams Pecan and work for Mrs. Kim to pay for that jersey they cut off you in the MA game. If y’all would stop getting hurt, we could have saved some money.

The same night Flint got hurt was the same night Kenny got off. K.O. had an amazing year. Having five touchdowns in one game, being WSFA player of the week by the biggest margin in the history of the award, and leading us offensively.

Remember when y'all spent the night at my house, and Zae was the ringleader in making Coach Mosley mad? That was so funny. Oh, and Zae, I know you went into my room and stole my deodorant. I just wish you would use it.

On a serious note:

I have told you often if you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. This principle is the foundation for your success in athletics.

It will also sustain you in life. That is what Coach Richardson, Coach Hall, Coach J. Vines, Coach Harris, Coach T. Vines, and all the other coaches, uncles, parents, church leaders, and mentors you have had over the years have tried to teach you.

Find someone in your life you do not want to be like and do the opposite of what they have done. We are all a product of our daily choices.

Talk to God every day, you are going to need Him. I do not care how athletic you are, how good looking you are, or how much money you make, some things will happen in your life that only God can help you with.

Picture yourself in an SUV, a nice three-bedroom home in the city you choose, a smart, educated, beautiful wife and two children in the backseat. Picture this now, and it will become your reality. I am living proof.

You have been proving haters wrong your whole life. Keep doing it.

Recently my boss took my job away, but he could not take away my faith in God, my work ethic, or my college degree. I turned down several jobs to stay in Bullock County, and that is why it hurt so bad when I lost my job. However, I will land on my feet because of my faith, work ethic and education.

Have a plan. Go to college, military, or the workforce and do it now. Do not wait. Do not take a year off. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You already know I love you. We are connected forever. You are in a unique fraternity. I coached you; therefore, you are my adopted son. I expect you to be at my funeral, and if you cannot make it, I expect your prayers for Tayelor, KD, and Mrs. Tanika because we are FAMILY.

Forget About Me I Love You

Coach Spears

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