Darius Cates

Darius Cates

By Darius Cates

On the first day of December, the Hornets traveled to Chambers County for a rematch game versus the Rams of Valley High School. Bullock County lost a close one (66-45) at home in the previous meeting.

Like the last competition, both teams displayed all-out hustle at the beginning of the game but, it was Valley that outrebounded the Hornets.

With them out jumping the Hornets to the boards, Valley was able to gain inside scoring or make trips to the free-throw line. Bullock County found themselves in hot water when De’Karia Anthony and Trevone Palmer got into early foul trouble.

Despite foul trouble, the Hornets led the way in the first quarter penetrating to the basket (12-9).

In the second period, the Hornets had trouble holding possession of the ball committing multiple turnovers (finished with 19 total), however they still led the game (20-20) at the half.

It was still competitive at Valley, with both Hornets and Rams getting heated in the second half. The Rams took the lead in the midst of the third quarter.

While the Rams were pulling away, Senior Brandon Perry sparked the Hornets with a sequence of hustle moments to set up back-to-back assistance for easy points for his teammates.

Perry finished with eight points, two assists, three rebounds, and one steal. Senior Devin Broaden finished with eight points, two assists, six rebounds; Sophomore KJ Graves Jr. with eight points, five assists, three rebounds, four steals; and Freshman Trevone Palmer was the high man with ten points, seven rebounds, and two steals. Despite their effort, the Rams took a 66-45 victory over the Hornets.

The talk of the night was questionable to poor officiating by the game’s referees. What was called for the Rams was not reciprocated for the Hornets. The Rams’ players had violations like traveling, ball carrying, even fouls but the officials swallowed their whistles.

The turning point was when Hornets’ Team Manager Terrell Oliver was called for a technical foul he did not deserve. A fan commented on the officials, and Oliver was accused as the guilty party, which he was not.

One can argue that a one-sided officiating game affected a young Hornets team. The momentum was simply taken away from Bullock County that definitely caused the Rams’ lopsided win.

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