Edgefield Holdings, LLC v. Tony Whyte and Diana Whyte



Under and by virtue of a writ of execution issued out of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County Alabama in the amount of $191,068.19 in favor of Edgefield Holdings, LLC and against Tony Whyte and Diana Whyte, I will proceed to sell to the highest bidder for cash, on July 26, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., at the Bullock County Courthouse, main entrance, 217 N. Prairie Street, Union Springs, Alabama 36089, all the right, title and interest of defendants Tony Whyte and Diana Whyte in and to the following described real property to-wit:

A part of Lot 4, in Block 39, in the City of Union Springs, Alabama, according to a map or plat of said City, made by George B. Miles, in 1898, and which map or plat is now on file in the Probate Office of Bullock County, Alabama, and more specifically described as starting on a point on the West right of way line of North Prairie Street, which point is the Southeast corner of the residence lot of Lois Lawrence (formerly Maude Gholston Lot) and running thence South along the West right of way line of Prairie Street 130 feet, more or less, to the Lot of John C. Trussell, III and Bernice Trussell, (formerly Blount Lot); thence West along the line of the Trussell Lot 420 feet, more or less, to the East boundary line of the Trussell pasture lot (formerly the Blount pasture lot) thence North 130 feet, more or less, to the said Lawrence lot, thence East along the South line of the said Lawrence lot 420 feet, more or less, to the Point of Beginning and being the same lot that was conveyed by B.P. Powell to Asenath S. Powell by deed dated June 8, 1936 and recorded in Deed Book EE, page 172, in the Probate Office of Bullock County, Alabama

Also known as 403 Prairie Street North, Union Springs, AL 36089; parcel number 05-07-35-3-000-028.000.

All property sold subject to any and all mortgages, liens, easements, and/or encumbrances. All property located in Bullock County.

Raymond “Buck” Rodgers

Bullock County Sheriff

Union Springs Herald 374w 06/23, 06/30, 07/07

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