Congratulations, Johnny & Kim, on your 10th anniversary celebration!

Living in Australia, I greatly appreciate reading the Herald online. I am one of those included in your expanded readership and large number of views.

As a member of the Fellowship Memorial Cemetery Association, we appreciate your reports on historic Fellowship Cemetery, North of Midway, Ala.

Thanks to your May 5, 2021 page 10 article: Fellowship Cemetery restored,, my sister Penny, FMCA Secretary, received an expression of appreciation: "I have been searching for info on Robbie Mae Smith and where her gravesite is located for the last year. I couldn’t believe the article about the gravesite being restored mentioned her and her family!"

This person read the article and learned of the last resting place. All 95 marked graves and several unmarked graves are posted on Find A Grave.

Maintaining a cemetery of this size is an admirable undertaking, but it takes money. The Fellowship Memorial Cemetery Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was established to maintain the cemetery and clean and repair chosen markers. We are asking for funds to continue the work.

If your readers are inclined to support this historical cause, donations can be sent to the FCFA Treasurer: Mildred Whittington, 122 Main Street, Midway, Alabama 36053.

Checks are made out to Fellowship Cemetery Foundation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

Warm regards. Eugenia Branscomb Hobday

Eugenia Hobday

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