Now that county road crews have been mowing right of ways along roads near me, I find that the unsightly garbage is scattered even more along the roadsides.

There is of course, no excuse for highway litter--or litter anywhere. It is a sad commentary on the disregard that some people have for the environment in which we live.

Compounding this sorry situation are the blades of the mowing machines that slice through all the rubbish along the pavement.

Would it be asking too much if the county required its employees to step down from their equipment and pick up sacks of waste so that the contents are not strewn all over creation when the mowers start up?

Looking at our constantly littered roadsides one would think that Bullock County offers no garbage service to residents.

There are many possible remedies to the trash situation here and elsewhere.

When merchants sell items to customers and automatically deliver the mindless pleasantry "Have a nice day," it might be more beneficial to replace that expression with "Thank you for your purchase AND PLEASE DON'T LITTER."

About ninety percent of packaging today is plastic and less than ten percent of that is recycled worldwide.

Plastic obviously isn't organic so all of it that is thrown out on to the roads is not going to go back into the soil to be recycled in a natural way.

It's a serious and growing problem for the whole planet but we can all try to police our own yards and roadsides striving to make this a cleaner world.

Gregg Swem

Union Springs

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