In August 2020, I was excited to hear VP Biden (candidate for President) had selected K. Harris as his running mate for VP.

The announcement went on further to ID her as the black Democratic Senator from California, and to say the least, I was excited.

After a period of excitement, I thought I digested the enthusiasm and focused on what had been announced. I believe a better breaking news story would have been “former Vice President Biden, a great American, has just announced that K. Harris, another great American, has been selected to run as his VP.”

Make no doubt about it, I am PROUD to be Black, Negro, Colored, or the other word that I have been called (ID by), but what I am most proud of is to be called an American Child of God. One of the main reasons is because I was most proud to serve in the military (particularly overseas).

Most foreigners would say, “Here comes the Americans.” It did not matter; they had been taught to add the other words - It always ends “Americans!” Back to the presidential election.

I can no believe that no man or woman, democrat or republican appreciates being ID as president “T” has ID all of us as, and we are so naive and will vote for more of the same.

Until 2020 I can’t remember seeing or hearing of him mentioning the Bible (minus his swearing-in.)

As the greatest nation on planet earth with the most incredible and most intelligent people, citizenry on earth would even consider Trump as Donald “J”.

It’s not too late; let us: VOTE, love, and don’t forget to pray! We can still claim the VICTORY.

Theo Smith

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