A Call For National Unity

The United States of America is a great democratic republic, dedicated to human dignity, justice, freedom, and equality of opportunity for all. Her supreme law, the federal constitution, is so constructed and structured that it allows for political, social, and economic evolution and basic changes in the amendment.

Therefore all Americans, both conservative and liberal, can support and be loyal to the federal constitution and to the nation itself. All citizens can obey its fundamental principles and take part in its evolutionary changes through amendments when time, experience, and change demand it. We call on all American citizens and all groups to support the fundamental principles of the nation's life.

We call upon all to support the following ideas: 1. Be loyal to support the nation as a whole. 2. Risk all that we have and possess for the life, soul, and salvation of the nation and trust a just nation to protect and save us as citizens in all that we hold dear, so long as it does not include the values of religion which are above the dominion of the state.

3. Let us recognize that our common or those persons and groups who by ideology and purpose are committed to the destruction of this nation and said enemies make use of all our divisions to weaken and destroy this republic. 4. We must recognize the fact that it is better to live in an imperfect America with the freedom to work for its improvement and fulfillment than to be a helpless slave in a perfect totalitarian state without the freedom even to question its policies or to change its evil practices.

5. Let us always recognize the right to freedom of thought, expressions, action, and the right to differ with and to be different from others. Let us never seek to defend and protect these differences by denying to others their constitutional just and God-given rights as free men in a free society.

We are in a national crisis and, at this moment, are engaged in a battle and conflict on two fronts with an unseen enemy, the CoronaVirus, and unjust enemy racism. Americans can no longer afford the luxury and the negative way of past prejudice, hatred, envy, discrimination, disrespect for law and order, race riots, and bloodshed. All of us must unite and work together as one for the nation's life and cause or eventually perish.

All groups are called upon to rise above all differences of creed, color, caste, and join together as Americans, work for, live for, and, if need be die for, the ideals, value and principles of justice, freedom and equality as proclaimed by this great nation.

We are called upon not only to obey the federal law, but we should, rise above it and make a good neighbor policy of our own by which we will build a community spirit and community organization based on goodwill for the education of our children, for the security & development of our families, the advancement of culture, & the moral values of family & the moral & spiritual growth of all who dwell therein. This can be done only by cooperation and not by contest nor conflict.

This call is for positive thinking and positive action. It is not enough to be anti-communist, anti-poverty, anti-segregationist, anti-integrationist, pro-Americans, pro-freedom, pro-justice, and pro goodwill.

To paraphrase the historical statement of the great educator Booker T. Washington, "Could not all Americans say in all things strictly personal and all matters purely private, we can be separate as the finger but one as the hand in all things tending towards the mutual progress of the individual and groups and the fulfillment of the nations life itself."

Pastor A. C. Martin

Brothers Keepers Ministries

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