When someone goes over and beyond to be a servant of the people, it's their actions that say more than words ever could.

We all have heard of people like that, and some of us have experienced those acts of unselfishness and been the beneficiary of such people. I am one!

Mr. Johnny Adams, I can't thank him enough for taking on my case doing his best to help me in what way he could.

He used his own money to file motions, even trips to see me.

Not to mention the time he sacrificed in the process. He got me a hearing before a judge; something I had prayed and prayed would come true.

Although the judge didn't reward me going free, it was the most rewarding thing to finally have my say in court. I am grateful to him and always will be for what's he has done for me.

You never know who may be your angel; just trust God will send him or her.

Thanks, Johnny Adams. I'm indebted for life.

Sincerely Donn Martin Aka Main Main

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