Governor Ivey,

Wow! You can't really believe the words that came out of your mouth, can you? It's the "unvaccinated" that are a problem, spreading Covid? You call the vaccinated "regular people".

Asymptomatic people do NOT spread ANY illness. 60% of new Covid cases in the U.S. are from the vaccinated, NOT the unvaccinated. Who has paid you off, or threatened you, so that you spout the lies of the Deep State?

Tens of thousands of people in the U.S. have already died from having this poison injected into their bodies, but the media covers it up and will not report it. This is crimes against humanity which you, the media, the CDC, and the medical community are all a participant in.

The shot is not FDA approved, but even if it was, that would mean nothing to millions of us who DO have common sense. It is the sheeple who have taken the jab who have no common sense. Why get a shot for something that has a 99.8% recovery rate, and that there are easy and inexpensive cures for?

Why inject poisons and aborted baby cells into your body? This whole Covid scamdemic was NOT about a virus, but about getting this shot out there to depopulate the world.

Thousands of doctors and nurses, as well as the inventor of the mRNA "vaccine" are warning people not to take the shot. They get no media time and are banned from social(ist) media.

It is now the goal of the elitists to discriminate against the unvaccinated and punish them for having the good sense to not take the shot. This is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy, regardless of what "Politico" or "Snopes" says about it.

It is killing people. More have died from the jab than ever died from the fake virus. It looks like you have sold your soul to the devil and joined in with the evil side. You better wake up.

Jeff Paulk

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