In the Union Springs Herald dated 10/20/2061, I read a list of county/rural roads that are to be paved. We live at the beginning of the rural route, with which we get our mail; the streets are Abby Avenue and then Sanders Court, which is off South Prairie Street, the Southside of Union Springs, but still inside of city limits.

My question is to whoever has the know-how and authority. Is there such thing as recycling/reusing old asphalt? Can asphalt from these county roads that we are in the district of, like County Road 61 and Sugar Harris, etc., be reused?

Can this same old material/asphalt be saved to fix two (2) of the worse unpaved streets inside the city limits but in the same district? And as far as I know and seem the only unpaved one in town.

We are located below and right off three (3) other streets in the paper months ago for pavement; Bloomfield, April, and May Streets.

I’m thankful for the rocks and gravel on the street, don’t get me wrong, because it’s better than it used to be, all dirt and mud when it rained.

There are large potholes to be filled also. If these two streets (Abby Ave, Sanders Court) could be the ones to get the old asphalt put on them, it would be great. It would be a blessing if they would spread it out and pack it down like they pack the highways.

Sanders Court road has grown from one (1) Mobile Homes on it to seven (7), and Abby Ave now has seven (7) Mobile Homes on it. That is fourteen (14) households going in and out on Abby Ave daily, the sand and gravel part.

We are taxpaying citizens also. And I’m sure we all want our struts/shocks, tires, and alignments to last longer by driving on decent streets/roads. I Betty Hudson-Sanders decided to address this ongoing issue myself, so I don’t want anyone getting upset, thinking they were left out of a meeting.

This is not to make anyone feel bad or left out. I’m just tired of a muddy road during raining season/winter months ever since 2003. We have gotten more rocks and gravel but no pavement. So, my question remains, can the asphalt be reused? And if it can, will someone please consider Abby Ave first and then Sanders Court?

Mainly Abby Ave. because it is a dirt and loose gravel road. Thank you, Mr. Adams and the Bullock County Engineers/Everyone who can check into this for me.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mrs. Betty


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