I have spent several enjoyable days in USA recently. The weather and fishing have been outstanding. I have seen and heard the loud and fast ATV riders up and down Hwy 223.

Those vehicles and the riders are illegal in Alabama when operated on public state and county roadways. Who doesn’t know this? They are a menace and a danger to legal drivers.

I observed one rider in town doing “donuts” around a fuel pump at a convenience store.

Another rider swerved across my lane of travel and into and out of the Gibson parking lot.

Where is law enforcement? State, county, or city all have jurisdiction. Recently I was stopped by a female State Trooper on a small county road while following my son on our tractor as we traveled to another location to do some mowing. We both had headlights and flashers on and we’re moving less than 10 mph, but I didn’t have my seat belt connected. Now that’s real law enforcement! I have stated before in “The Herald” how our community suffers from crimes that go unreported and unresolved. These illegal ATV riders are but another example. No one in City or County or State authority seems to care. They are not difficult to find or apprehend. Years ago it was common to see officers conducting a traffic safety stop on Hwy 223. Usually, they were in my driveway. Just a little effort and planning could rid us (law-abiding citizens) of this menace before someone is injured. How difficult is that? Why do we citizens continue to support and praise our elected officials and our paid employees for ignoring these issues and taking actions against them?

It just gets worse!

Dr. James S McLelland

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