The Alabama State Conference of the NAACP is extremely disappointed in Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s decision to join with 17 other AGs across the country in making a mockery of our Justice System.

Texas decided to sue four states, where heavy African Americans turnout made the difference in the election. After numerous attempts to have the November 3, 2020 election overturned or declared a fraud by courts at all levels, AG Marshall has decided to include Alabama as one of the states to participate in the laughingstock voter suppression effort in the nation, by joining in this nonfactual lawsuit.

Benard Simelton, President of the Alabama NAACP said “If AG Marshall wants to investigate voter suppression and fraud, consider people voting in Phenix City who do not live there.

He could also investigate a person in Aliceville who won their election at the city council level, but because some council members abstained, they decided to call the Probate Judge in to flip a coin…the winner lost the coin toss.”

Alabama citizens deserve an Attorney General who respects the established election laws and work to protect its citizens from any effort to overthrow the voice of its citizens, not engage in conspiracy theories, and wishful thinking.

Mr. Marshall should not misuse the resources of Alabama, including its citizens. “Sometimes it is inappropriate to follow the crowd and lawsuit participating in this lawsuit is one of them” said Simelton.

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