I am here on a cold winter day looking forward to spring and summer and praying in fellowship with my Lord and studying. I decided to write a letter of love and appreciation and congratulations to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and all our citizens throughout Bullock County for how far we have come on racial issues.

On January 18, 2020, I attended the Martin Luther King Unity Day Celebration. Just a few days before I turned 75 years old - that is 75/18. As the speakers honored our Lord, I felt such joy.

At the same time, as each speaker spoke, on the right side in front of us, a television ran continuously a newsreel of that day that would be a memorial decades later. I remember those days well. Here I was a white woman enjoying such a blessed day. I had prayed and waited for that day all these many years. Here I was witnessing what brothers and sisters of color in the Lord how far we have come.

I saw Mozell and John D. from the Union Springs Nutrition Center where we gather together five days a week - black and white together - was a rare sight, if at all, a half century ago. As the ceremony continued, entered and sat behind me a pretty young woman with a little boy and a baby girl in her arms - all three dressed like living dolls and so sweet.

Our precious young adults need our support, BLACK AND WHITE TO BE TAUGHT TRUTH AND LOVE IN WISDOM, which is not that popular these days in the giving or receiving. I was the only white person in that auditorium - in the audience that day and maybe three in other capacities.

I was so grateful to all the speakers and listeners for the honoring of God, for without Him this celebration would not have been possible - from whom all blessings come. I may not know all the faces and certainly not all the names, but it is implanted in my heart a very special moment and a very promising one.

I have stood against this injustice and others as well my entire adult life. I taught it as a SIN issue and it should be treated as such. All of us who are truly devoted to God must take upon ourselves to deal with it - Without Hate. With honest discussion - not with vicious anger and malice.

There are those who read this, who truly love and would like us to come together. Let’s do it!

Love in Yeshua-Jesus,

Lydia Anderson

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