I get news from the computer and Faith Radio. There are so many reports of acts of kindness during this COVID-9 crisis.

In California the National Guard is loading boxes for local food banks. In Florida, a distillery is giving free hand sanitizers. Rainbows are being painted in New York City to symbolize that this is temporary.

Franklin Graham's Good Samaritan organization has set up field hospitals with equipment, medical personnel and chaplains in a city in Italy and in New York City (the two cities that are the epicenters of this crisis in Italy and the U.S).

Churches are having Sunday worship services by modern technology on social media and in church parking lots seated in vehicles. We are having our own outdoor community church services at Dream Field Farms. People have planned by e-mail and radio to pray about this pandemic crisis at scheduled times, one is at noon that has gone global.

My church scheduled joint prayer time and one is to walk outdoors and pray at 8:00 p.m. Churches offer help to members with groceries, etc. Email and telephones are busy. Families are getting the opportunity to be together for extended time and to do projects around the house. There are theories about why we have this crisis. Some say it's demonic, some say it's God's punishment for the great sins of this world, and others say this is one among a host of pandemics in our past.

However, it does cause an emphasis on thoughts of what happens after death. There are three preachers on Faith Radio who are preaching on the book of Revelation. We need to remember our nation had tough times during the Depression and World War II with rationing, etc. We have had several major wars, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism.

With this increase in praying to the God who is in control of everything, we need to offer special prayers for all our medical people who are risking their lives during this time, as they always do.

To quote former prime minister of England, Margaret Thatcher, this is "no time to go wobbly." If we can help someone, let's do it. Let us thank the good Lord for the leaders of our country, our state and our county for the emergency measures to shorten this time of the present pandemic. We live in the greatest country in this world.

Faye Gaston,

Union Springs, Alabama

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