Citizen of Union Springs, Your voices, concerns, and cries towards the Manufactured/ Mobile Home issues with the City, are being heard. This is a policy, in which I do not agree with, and I have spoken on, in several City Council meetings.

I do understand the initial desire of the Planning/Zoning Commission, of trying to create and implement a policy to help raise property value in the city limits, but not at the expense of our citizens. The fact is, we have a lot of underlying issues that decrease the property value, in our city, other than Manufactured/Mobile Homes.

1.) We have too many abandoned homes in the city limits that are “eye soars” for our neighborhoods within the city, that need immediate addressing.

2.) We have too many run down Commercial Properties within the City Limits, with minimal or no up-keep, that decreases the property value within the City as well.

Just to name a few.

We, as community, have a lot of work ahead of us to bring our City to the place that we would all love to see it, but we must work together, not separately, to make these great things happen. So lets not get upset with each other, but instead, let us work together to resolve this Manufactured/ Mobile Home issue as well as any other future issues, TOGETHER!!! With this being said, as a current City Council Member, I humbly ask my fellow City Council Members and the members of the Planning/Zoning Commission to reconsider the direction planned regarding Manufactured/Mobile Homes within the city limits!

We have too many household/ families being affected by this decision. I urge the young adults (ages 25-45) in our community, that these type of issues effect most, to take the time and initiative to serve on these boards that directly affect you, your Children and the Future of the City that we all Love, Union Springs AL.



Roderick Clark

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