Felecia Lucky

Felecia Lucky

“It Takes a Team”

On Thursday, May 28, Black Belt Community Foundation was thankful to deliver nearly 1000 boxes of fresh produce for Bullock County residents through “Operation Fresh Food” in partnership with the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

Through “Operation Face Mask,” we were able to distribute nearly 500 hundred face masks to Bullock County Residents.

Since 2005, BBCF has invested over $400,000 dollars to community organizations across Bullock County.

What we have learned in serving so many communities across the Black Belt , including Bullock County, is that when you are doing your best, you will face many tests.

In this work, we have been able to impact the lives of many in Bullock county here with the involvement of leaders like Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas (former BBCF Board Chair), Robert L. Turner (current BBCF Board Treasurer), Ronald Smith (current BBCF Community Associate) and Darlene McGaw (current BBCF Community Associate Coordinator and Census Associate).

Working with visionary leaders like these and so many others in Bullock county, I am happy to say that for the next three weeks (at least), we will continue weekly food drops.

We are working to provide surgical, KN95, and cloth face masks to Bullock County.

Thank you in a special way to these frontline leaders and others who worked tirelessly to make sure Bullock county was always counted! Bullock County Counts!

BBCF is always looking for dynamic leaders to help us transform the Black Belt, especially in Bullock County.

To learn more about the BBCF, visit our website at www.blackbeltfound.org

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