I visited beautiful Bullock County AL yesterday. Generations of my family have lived here and some live here still. My son and his wife traveled with me. We came to visit some relatives from Ohio who were here for a few days in Simsville.

Going through Union Springs we stopped at my old cabin to relax a few minutes, before completing our trip. We were excited to see some family that hadn’t been down south in awhile.

Imagine the surprise and anger we felt as we saw the damages to a vehicle and to the structure that had recently happened (past 48 hours). Several hours were spent by the thugs who broke into the cabin and systematically trashed the place. Yes, items were stolen.

Yes, the Union Springs Police Department was notified and they responded. This is another event of vandalism and looting that I have experienced in Union Springs. Multiple Times!

I know others in the community have had similar experiences. I have been coming to USA all my life, 78+ years.

I have owned property in Bullock County since 1970, (50 yrs.). The decline of this community and the threats to property and personal safety are one of the biggest disappointments of my life.

I worry daily about my property from many miles away. I am very tired of doing that. It hasn’t turned out as I had planned. Something needs to be done!

Soon, it’s almost too late.

James S McLelland

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