Pacey L. Walker, Registered Nurse Volunteered to Help in New York City during COVID-19 pandemic.

Pacey L. Walker, Registered Nurse Volunteered to Help in New York City during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Path to Victory

By Pacey L. Walker

2020 is proving to be an interesting year indeed. Like the beginning of most years, many of us started this year off with hopes of good days and improvement in our lives.

We hoped to finally gain victory over the various struggles we have faced over the years. Little did we know we would face the challenge of a world-wide pandemic which would take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe (and counting) and threaten the lives of many more.

As a registered nurse (RN), I was faced with a decision to make as I saw how this virus was affecting many lives. Would I heed the call to help? When I initially saw how the coronavirus was quickly infiltrating our country and how our healthcare system was ill-prepared to handle the challenge, I shied away from heeding the call to help.

Not only were there not enough supplies to care for those who needed to be hospitalized, there was not enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers either. Hearing the news of doctors and nurses dying from COVID-19 solidified my decision to stay as far away from COVID-19 patients as possible, or so I thought.

Soon, GOD began to remind me of who I am in Him, how He would always be with me, and how He has already provided victory through Jesus Christ. I started to feel led by the Holy Spirit to travel to New York City (NYC) where there was the greatest need for help. I was informed by a recruiter that there was enough PPE (personal protective equipment) available for healthcare workers and I was soon on my way.

It warmed my heart to see how many healthcare workers had traveled to NYC to help. Many of us were there from the southeast region of the country including Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

The virus affected different patients in different ways. Some struggled more than others. I sent up many prayers for my patients as I cared for them. It gave me great comfort to know that God was there with me, protecting me, and helping me to serve as a nurse to His children.

Just as God used my skill as an RN to touch lives during this time, He is using so many people to touch the lives of others with their God-given gifts.

God can use us right where we are, in our own communities and he can also use us in other areas of the world to help care for each other and lift up our brothers and sisters.

Our country and our world are in the midst of a shift. While shifts/transitions can be quite painful, they can also lead to beauty and victory beyond our imaginations. I choose to believe that as long as we walk with Christ, we are on the path to victory.

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