By: Shirley Reynolds

Bullock County Parents United for Change

We, the Bullock County Parents United for Change, a civic organization comprised of parents, grandparents, citizens, proud alumni, and supporters of the Bullock County School District, express our dissatisfaction and immediately demand the RESIGNATION of Bullock County Board of Education Members: Dr. Scherrie Banks-Pickett, Mr. Gary Coleman and Ms. Alfreda Scott-Meeks; along with the current superintendent, Dr. Christopher Blair.

Once again, these particular board members have failed us in transparency, honesty, and integrity. Our community deserves what they promised when campaigning for their seat! We want it to be known that we do not think they are bad people. Good people lose sight of the right thing all the time when they are personally invested. Their continuous actions have shown that they have taken matters personally and neglected their duty as a school board member.

Our organization feels that throughout their tenure on the board, these board members have leveraged their position on the board to line the Superintendent’s pockets and promote their personal agendas.

For years, we have witnessed board members conspire with Superintendents to sabotaged people in this district, to satisfy personal vendettas, and to push personal agendas. It’s time for a change.

Trust and cooperation are the foundation of a team’s success. Trust and cooperation have been missing from the board of education team for a long time.

We have encountered board members' who’s position of allegiance has not been to our students and this community. This must stop now. These are members who we voted for and felt best matched our values and concerns.

In case these board members have forgotten, they are elected official. As educators, we expected more from them. Dr. Banks- Pickett, an educator, currently works for the Alabama Department of Education and also serves on the Board of Trustees for Alabama A&M University. Mr.

Coleman, an educator, was just named principal of Highland Home School in Highland Home, AL. Ms. Meeks is a retired educator who worked in our district for years and currently teaches a GED program at the Career Technical Center.

This community has given these board members and previous board members a chance to do right by our children and to make a difference in our community. We can’t keep and will not continue to play Russian Roulette with our children’s education.

At this point, we are asking for them to be truthful and to finally show some integrity. Be honorable and resign. Resign from our board of education. By doing so, we the people of Bullock County can move forward with healing our schools and our county with honesty and integrity.

We will not stop until they are gone, along with Superintendent Christopher Blair. We will rally, we will protest, and we will boycott.

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