The Robbery

By Betty Adams

I was asleep in my bed on Saturday evening January 28, 2020, when I heard my doorbell ring. I got up, put on my robe and went to the back door.

A young, pretty Afro-American girl stood at my back door and said, “My father’s car is broken down over the way, and I need help. I do not have my phone and I am afraid and cold.” I unlocked my door and she walked in and we walked to my den and sat down.

I sat on my sofa and she sat in a rocking chair next to me. I asked her for her father’s phone number and she replied that she did not remember it. She said she was very nervous and afraid. We talked a few more minutes, then an Afro-American male, tall and thin, walked into my den.

I had failed to lock my door back. The robber was wearing red and white tennis shoes, and a lime green silk scarf over his face, except for his eyes. He held a gun approximately two feet long, to his shoulder, pointed directly toward me.

I did not say anything. I am a Christian and I silently prayed, “Dear God. Please help and protect me.” I began to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and felt somewhat calm. I did not speak, nor ask questions.

I knew then that he used the girl to get in my house and they were together. My wallet was next to me and some jewelry, some fine and some costume, was in a porcelain bowl on my table. He said, “Give me the billfold,” then he emptied the jewelry into his pocket.

I had approximately $80.00 in cash and three or four dollars in change. I then said, “I am not a rich person and you have all of the cash and jewelry I have.” He then walked into my bedroom and pulled a drawer out from the dresser. I looked at the girl and said, “Do you know him?” She shook her head no.

When he entered back into the den, I asked, “Could you leave now, I need to get some rest.” They both walked out of the den, through the dining room, kitchen then out the back door.

I then walked to the back and locked it. I phoned my son, the police and they all arrived immediately. The police asked questions and took fingerprints. I do not know if the perpetrators were from Union Springs or from out of town.

Some say they probably knew me. We have no clues. Any leads may be reported to the police. You may remain anonymous. I should have never unlocked my door, nor let the girl in. I believed her and wanted to help her. We are living in perilous times and can no longer help anyone. I have learned a lesson. I will never go to my door after dark, if someone knocks or rings the doorbell.

I will call the police. I want these young people brought to justice. I pray that they can come to know God and follow Him. I want them to know they can be forgiven and I forgive them also. It's heartbreaking to see these young people beginning their life’s journey in this manner.

I am reminded of a favorite scripture in Romans 8:28. “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God.” Everything is not always good; such as in my situation; however, the good is that I will be more careful in everything.

Cars, gates, and my house will be locked night and day. I trust this testimony and documentation of events well help others. I appreciate all of the calls, prayers and words of encouragement during this trying time in my life.

I take this opportunity to thank the Union Springs Police Department for their timely and efficient service when I was recently robbed. A though investigation was conducted by Investigator Gary Lewis and is presently on going to help solve this robbery.

We are blessed to have our law enforcement under the leadership of Chief Danny Jackson. Who tries to keep our city safe and a better place to live.


Betty P. Adams

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