Markavious Streeter and Commissioner John McGowan.

Markavious Streeter and Commissioner John McGowan.

This letter is in support of Coach Willie Spears and our community. Bullock County is our community. What does community mean to you? Coach Spears has contributed to the Bullock County community as an educator, mentor, example of manly leadership, and more.

Please take a moment and reflect on how he has impacted your participation in community enrichment, giving opportunity for growth and fellowship and shaping young men's lives with positive experiences and words of guidance and wisdom. Is this the type of man we need here in Bullock County? I certainly think so.

I have experienced his involvement in the community in the local churches as an ordained minister bringing not only his team and staff but other Bullock Countians to local churches throughout Bullock County.

Watching him inspired me to participate in activities in the Black and Gold Booster Club and witness their fundraising events.

If we have such an opportunity to obtain a man like this in our community, we need to keep him. It took time to build this momentum, and I want to continue the momentum. I have not seen anything like this in 30 years or more.

The positiveness of Coach Spears far outweighs anything negative. In my experience, it is not wise to terminate someone's employment without having a replacement.

Our boys are without a coach, and from my understanding, Coach Spears is under contract through the end of August. He has communicated with the players but is not allowed to condition them or hold practices. I do not understand why Coach Spears and Dr. Blair could not work this out.

I think Coach Spears was excellent for our school and community, but if he was not as good as I think he was, he is definitely better than not having a coach.

I live in a community with great potential. We were headed in the right direction. I believe without Coach Spears, we have taken two steps back.

Coach Spears has not accepted a job, and we do not have a coach. I wonder, did the decision-makers consider the students and the community when they chose to non-renew Coach Spears?


Commissioner John McGowan

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