Unaware by most people, Fred Pritchett, among numerous other people from day one at Bonnie Plant Farm, suffered and sacrificed tremendously for Bonnie, which eventually led to the company's unprecedented success!

Another significantly contributing factor was teamwork, where everyone contributed to a common goal, the company's success. My personal and special thanks to Fred Pritchett and to everyone who reciprocated to the DOZENS of years of unparalleled Paulk generosity (generosity in the form of unheard-of high salaries and commissions) by sticking with the company during unusually difficult times and thereby saving the company from bankruptcy with only two short weeks to go before the 'end'!

Thank you all, Fred, for your hard work, dedication, gratitude, and LOYALTY that saved the company and consequently allowed the living legacy of Paulk compassion to continue to enrich the lives of now thousands of people NATIONWIDE!

Thank you all!

Mack Paulk

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