I am writing in hopes to raise awareness of Alabama's prison(s) dysfunctional, evident bias inequality against Black Inmates. I have written once before expressing my concerns of the tyranny and the cause for involvement of political leadership and those whom have been placed in judicial roles to become receptive of the fuel that has ignited fire without being extinguished.

Bullock Correctional Facility opened in 1987 and has the capacity of 1,658 inmates. (Originally 600+) There has been a growing concern of all the Problems that have been swept under the rug by an influx of overcrowding, unjust wardens and prison officials down to the inhumane conditions of the foundation of the infrastructure. During these unprecedented, unexpected, unfortunate times nothing has been properly done in the prevention of keeping these inmates safe.

Unidentified numerous points of encounters from staff, civilians and outsourced swat has increased a surge of complications, risking the physical safety and immune compromised Men housed there. It stems from precautionary measures not being taken seriously.

An uproar over this epidemic has warranted justification and actions to take for fair treatment through a judicial system relative to the entitlement of not deciding to deny or deprive any person life. These are the actions that are being taken. Is it not within their rights that they be given a fair shot at continuing to thrive as healthy human beings because they are incarcerated and incapable of voicing their God Given concerns? As it seems, such alienation reflects the mystic numbers of fatalities due to the disquietude of the population.

Monthly there are an undetermined number of unmasked Individuals who storm Bullock Correctional. Prior to there arriving the water is turned off for hours at a time. This is a serious attack on those Men housed there that prevents them from uniformly functioning as they need so they can practice universal precautions recommended by government health agency officials to wash there hands.

It's an outrage knowing these Human beings are being treated as if their life is less than a family pet. PETA would take up any course of actions if the prison system was full of dogs. These are Men!! Human beings!! Ethnicity, color, culture, spiritual/religious beliefs aren't necessarily a topic of debate but there are disparaging and indiscriminate attacks on the rights of all of all Inmates not Just Black ones.

For instance, the allotment of funds for a nutritional based diet. There aren't many measurable differences between regular diet being prepared and served versus a wellness diet. Neither are justifiably fit to sustain a healthy immune system let alone a prison based lifestyle.

The food is prepared in less than par cookware, cooked to point that it is half way done. Borderline slop is what it is. The condition of the kitchen should be sanctioned under guidelines of OSHA. Under said guidelines, having a safe workplace Is a requirement. In all, same goes for food under FDA code. Why are food supplies being outsourced to private companies and/or the lowest bidder?

Food code provisions are in place to address management and personnel, food, equipment, plumbing, chemical product usages and many other areas. The prison food is making the inmates sick at a disproportionately rate caused by the lack of safety, filthy conditions and food that is processed and housed haphazardly. Hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken that is compared to sushi. Salted, mushy vegetables, if any are prepared and served and 15 minutes to eat wreaks havoc on the digestive system and all major organs. 70% of the body's immunity in case is in the stomach.

It would behoove everyone involved to be diligent in researching satisfactory, healthy foods for human consumption. There's staff who are inept, narcissistic, power Stricken supporters of abusive conditions. They fall below the recommendations for trained professionals and are apart of the problem. Where's the solution (?)!

The overwhelming amount of bodies overlapping dorms that provides negatively 6ft distance should become more important than ever after, before and during Covid19s soaring infection rates. Not enough is known to determine incubation periods or quarantine lengths of time with a possible efficacy of treatment. Voluntary compliance is recommended for facial masks, social distancing and preventative measures by The Feds.

There aren't any mandated life saving decisions being made to ensure the safety of Bullocks Prisoners. In my opinion, they are Prisoners of War. Alabama has an incredible increase of insurgence of active Corona Virus infections and most are silent carriers.

There has been more white men released due to mandatory medical freedoms while Black Men sit and are placed to have their parole reset, determined for a later date. Not to mention these white Men are violent offenders.

Now Alabama has board members in the Parole and Pardons Department that are in much of a collective opinion, unwittingly denying parole at an alarming rate. *On June 25th, 2020 the board held 36 hearings denying 32. * June 24th- 38 hearings were held only granting 10 paroles. On June 23rd there were 35 hearings held denying 20.

There is a pattern of denials and most inmates if I'm to stand corrected have done over 85% of there time. In a fiscal year in the great state of Alabama it takes roughly $20,000 per inmate for rehabilitation. Moreover, tax payers are coughing up much needed funds to house individuals while padding the pockets of Corporations like Corrections Corporation of America.

These corporations generate billions of dollars in revenue while representing lucrative business for incarceration of people who have crossed over into the majority percentile of their sentences.

The atrocities that are faced while being held unaccountable in a environment that is not enriching to the overall mental and emotionally health, not forsaking physical health to accumulate more money and to further desensitize and prey upon the psyche of Human Beings is barbaric and unconstitutional.

The widespread racial discrimination, injustices and murdering of Black People are not just common in the land of the "free" but amongst each and every prison across the nation. It's a known fact that a white man can commit the same crime as a black Man and be treated fairly. A Black Man's day in court, sentencing, even his being detained and read his Miranda Rights differs and oftentimes violently.

The medical care that is received and urgency should be widely recognized/ investigated too !! How is Alabama running their prisons? Everyone is REALLY a number and severe consequences are had such as declining health, depression,malnutrition and a plethora of other malfunctioning egregious astoundingly inhumane aspects that are either buried or unspoken.

Something needs to be done. Borderline genocide and hatred amongst those who have made mistakes in life and are forced to live unbearable truths.

I will not be apart of the problem but the solution. I haven't taken an oath to protect and serve but as it seems.. Someone with an outside knowledge willing to blow whistles needs to step up!!!

Humbly Submitted by,

Ms. Nicole Black

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