Making mistakes is a normal part of life, but how this is communicated can build or break relationships. I am an educator in Bullock County, and from time to time, I have made mistakes. Usually, the mistakes are minor, but sometimes they are major mistakes.

My son, Edwin Rayborn II, graduated from Bullock County High School last month as an honor student with a 3.9 G.P.A. He has worked diligently throughout high school to maintain honor status. However, he was not recognized in the program as an honor student because of someone else’s mistake or oversight. Once I noticed the mistake, I immediately contacted the committee and asked for a new and revised copy.

The response I received was, “There is nothing I can do.” Moreover, there was something that could have been done. For example, she could have expressed remorse, admitted responsibility, made amends, and last but not least, printed a new copy with my son’s recognition as an honor student.

The students were billed $100 for senior dues. I paid for this cost because it was required. Of the things the dues were supposed to cover, the graduation programs were among the items listed.

Because of Covid-19, I did not ask for reimbursement for the items my son did not receive.

All I asked for was a correction for the item that would serve as my son’s memorabilia of the auspicious occasion. After reaching out to administration on the issue, I am left in disappointment as it has been a month without correction or real communication on how this can be corrected.

I am certain that prior to the program being sent to the press, someone had to type it at the school level and proofread it. How difficult must it be to correct the problem at the school level and reprint it at the school since all schools have color printers?

In closing, sometimes it’s not possible to right a situation. However, when it is possible, do everything you can to make it right. Nonetheless, Edwin will be attending A.U.M. this Fall, majoring in accounting.

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Shanton Watts, M.Ed

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