Larry D. Guthrie and Willie Spears

Larry D. Guthrie and Willie Spears

Dear Editor,

Until our pastor introduced Willie Spears, I had no clue that Willie Spears, the "The Willie Spears Experience" owner, was our speaker. I had read numerous articles in the Union Springs Herald and googled him some time ago, so I knew right away who he was.

In Athens, Ga., he was to speak at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) event. My Pastor, Nolen Wood Jr, is bi-vocational and is employed by the FCA. Also, he serves as the Chaplin for the UGA Basketball team.

But this is about Willie Spears! He preached from Psalm 16 and quoted scriptures from Genesis to Revelation without notes! It was one of the most effective, dynamic, and clear presentations of God's word that I have experienced. He was AMAZING AND POWERFUL!

My wife Rachel and I belong to The Gideons International. I took one of my Gideon Cards, wrote on the back Union Springs AL, Bullock County, and handed it to Willie. He immediately told me that he had coached football at Bullock County High School.

I told him that I was the one that planted the pine tree's in front of the old High School when I was President of the Student Council in 1956-57. He said I am going to call my friend in Union Springs right now. "Who do you think it might be?" Right away, I responded, "Kim Adams." Willie could not believe there was someone in Athens, GA, who would know Kim Adams.

Also, I want to say "Thanks" to you and the staff of the Herald for all you do for Bullock County! I gave my Associate Pastor the copy of the front-page article from a few weeks ago with pictures of "Club 3:16" members at Florida State and the University of Florida. The trip and Club 3:16 are sponsored by First Methodist Church. First Methodist Church is where I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a summer revival.

Willie Spears blessed many hearts in Athens, GA, last weekend!

God bless,

Larry D. Guthrie

USHS Class of 1957

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