A song I sing that relates to me spiritually and also to my daughter, Darlene Franklin McGaw. “He left his splendor in glory knowing his destiny, was the lonely hill of Golgotha where he laid down his life for me. If that isn’t love.”

Yes, I often brought her to my hometown as a child to visit. She knew how much I loved Union Springs so she too fell in love with my home town.

She knew much was needed educationally and she realized she had been exposed and given the best education available in New Jersey and would like to give those in Union Springs the same. Not thinking herself to be superior but to use the experiences God blessed her with to help others and to use it to improve the quality of education here.

She bought her home in Union Springs not Montgomery, moved in it right away, united with my home church and with every organization available to offer her help to improve Union Springs and the city itself. She gave her all.

However, she has come to realize if you are not born here or your parents are not rooted here your chances for advancing are rare. This sometimes hinders new ideas and growth for Union Springs, our city.

Darlene has and continues to serve in all capacities as a community volunteer but has decided to move on believing her mission here has been accomplished. Who else will consider tutoring the children with Chilly’s band as she does? Where were any of you except her to encourage them during their Black History program, which was excellent?

Will you attend the monthly prayer breakfast where prayers are prayed for our city and our school? She does. What about the grants and support she makes possible because of her membership with the The Black Belt Foundation funds raised? Community get involved with our NAACP other than for the scholarships they offer, but to know the contributions made for us as a people. There is much to be done so get involved for the sake of our future. Keep up what she started.

I will miss her taking me to my doctor’s appointments and making sure my garbage is pulled to the curb each Thursday while my daughter in Montgomery pulls it back in.

But most of all I will miss checking her Facebook page, keeping up with her and other many involvements that keep me abreast of what’s going on.

Darlene, you deserve to move on because you have fought a good fight and you have kept the faith enjoy your reward.

Love you,

Your proud Mom,

Sylvia Gwen Hall Franklin

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