The parking area was overflowing and the gymnasium held a large crowd at the fundraising talent show held at the Conecuh Springs Christian School in Union Springs on March 14, 2019. The stage was bare except for microphones and a background curtain that held a scattering of stars.

The theme was "Let Your Light Shine.” In a national world of scandals, legislative decisions made contrary to Bible principles, and a decrease in church attendance across the nation, this school is a "light" in the community. In one of the poorest counties in the nation per capita income, this Christian school obtains funding to not only be accredited academically, but to have a competitive sports program.

At this private school there is a a teaching of Bible Scriptures where public schools in many states are introducing other faiths contrary to the Christian faith of our founding fathers of our nation--- to the exclusion of acknowledging the Christian faith at all.

On this night, the students at the school had opportunity to be a part of raising funds for their education. They performed on stage.

There was no admission charge. Funds were raised from a printed program with purchased ads from 33 local businesses! There were eight prize sponsors for drawings for very nice prizes.

Four women donated cakes for an auction. Volunteers operated the lights and sound system for the performers on stage. Students' art was displayed to celebrate the State of Alabama Bicentennial. From kindergarten through sixth grade, classes performed on stage. Most were songs of praise to God. There were solos by some older students, a piano instrumental and one who played his guitar.

The girls basketball team performed two skits of good overcoming evil. A very moving part of the program was "A Tribute to Cade Hall". A large gathering of students on stage stood in a long silence, and then the song about "Faith" in God was sung. The theme of "Let your Light Shine" was also carried out in the audience as proud parents, grandparents, friends, and families were "lights of love" for the students in this school.

With applause and eyes shining, the atmosphere was filled with "love" for these students. The goal is for these students is to be equipped to graduate into the grown-up world with a good education in books and in the Good Book of the Bible.

Love was evident in the way the teachers of each class interacted with their students. Bottom line: The "lights of love" in action for the coming generations is evident at Conecuh Springs Christian School.

The support of the community on this night shows the appreciation for the values taught here.


Faye Gaston

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