In addition to policy issues outlined by this publication, the Alabama Democratic Party is working on state-specific issues to improve the lives of working Alabama families.

Alabama Democrats up and down the ballot are fighting to safeguard our hospitals and protect our economy by investing in Medicaid expansion.

Not only would investing in Medicaid expansion help over 340,000 Alabamians access the healthcare they need, but it will also expand our tax base and stimulate our economy. If Alabama expanded Medicaid in 2014, our state would have benefited from a $935 million increase in tax revenues and an aggregated $20 billion in new economic activity.

Democrats also want a fair economy, one where every worker has the opportunity to earn a living wage and one day retire. Our party is hard at work fighting for policies that materially improve the take home pay of Alabamians.

Every child in Alabama should receive a great education, one that prepares them for the future.

The Alabama Democratic Party believes we need to better equip our public schools and teachers, so that each child can reach their fullest academic potential.

Our party is laser-focused on creating a prosperous future for every Alabamian. Our policy agenda is guided by the everyday concerns of Alabama families.

Ron Smith

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