Johnny Adams

Gunshots are ringing out around our city and county.

Recently, guns have been fired outside a club on two occasions, at a car wash, near service stations, bullets were fired into two homes, a bullet hit an individual and two bullets went through the front door of Beeline.

No one was killed by the gunfire, but if it continues, it is likely that someone will be.

When a person is killed, no one wins. Both the shooter and the victim often have family and friends. Everyone suffers.

After a person is killed by a gunshot, the shooter often regrets his or her decision to pull the trigger, but they must live with that decision for life.

Think before pulling the trigger. Innocent bystanders could be killed. A child could even be killed.

Ask yourself, “Do I want to spend time in prison? Do I want to put family and friends through this? Should I shoot? We hope your answers is “no”.

We say, “think, don’t shoot.”

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