By Thomas May

It is with much sadness we write this article. Dr. Ireneo Domingo died Friday, Sept. 18, 2015 and a large portion of Bullock County died with him. He was very much a part of our county and was loved by those who really knew him.

And he was not difficult to know. Dr. Domingo could be seen walking the streets, walking in the drug store and in the hallways of Bullock County Hospital. He touched the lives of the many patients he saw in his office and in the Bullock County Hospital. There are many other physicians but only one Ireneo Domingo.

He once considered moving away from Bullock County. We and others let him know that did not make us happy and we were delighted when we learned he was staying where he was needed—Bullock County. Some people choose Bullock County as their home but they are always from somewhere else, but the Domingo family were Bullock Countians.

When making rounds at the hospital, you probably saw him stop by your room even though he was not your doctor. That says he cared. He went about his work with a quiet and humble spirit. I may also add he liked to joke and have fun.

A memorial service is planned for him Saturday, Sept. 26, 5:00 p.m., at Gray Funeral Home Chapel and we anticipate a large turnout of those who appreciated him. A visitation will follow the memorial service.

This is an opportune time to let the Domingo family—wife, mother, brothers and other family members—know how sorely this man will be missed.

Thanks Dr. Domingo for helping keep Bullock County stay healthy and all the other ways in which you gave a helping hand.

So long friend.

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