By Faye Gaston

The Tourism Council of Bullock County held its annual meeting on November 10, 2021, at the First United Methodist Church. A catered box lunch preceded the business meeting.

Hawthorne Reed, a Bullock County pastor, prayed the invocation. Charlotte Jinks, Vice President of the Tourism Council, gave the welcome and presided.

Board of Directors members were elected for three-year terms: Brad Driggers, Heather Klinck, Patti McCurdy, Marsha Moffett, and Cecilia Moorer. (There are ten continuing board members.) Officers of the board were elected: President Heather Klinck; Vice-President Charlotte Jinks; Treasurer Xan Morrow; and Secretary Charlotte Phillips.

Midge Putnam, Executive Director of the Tourism Council, reported on the highlights of the 2020-21 fiscal year for Tourism. Also, a printed handout listed 25 accomplishments, many in conjunction with other organizations. These included brochures to Alabama Welcome Centers, the plays at Dream Field Farms, contests with the Veterans Day 2020 parade, breakfasts at field trials, ten Welcome to Bullock County banners, the Summer Youth Theatre camps, coordinated multiple tour groups, maintains 15 audio tour sites, contributed to publications to promote Bullock County, maintains plant baskets in downtown and flower bed at Church's Chicken, and maintained website/Facebook page/Instagram page to promote tourism, etc.

She announced the Red Door recognitions of Gold and Platinum donors to the Red Door Theatre. Gold donors included AmeriFirst Bank and Dixie Electric Cooperative. Platinum donors included the Union Springs Telephone Company and the George P. Swift, Jr. Family Foundation.

Mrs. Putnam introduced the guest speakers David Padgett, Executive Director of the Bullock County Development Authority, and Melody Lee, Marketing Director of Grow Southeast Alabama. Tourism helps their organizations, and these organizations help tourism.

The Tourism Council sponsored four contests in conjunction with the Bullock County Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11, 2021. Heather Klinck, President of the Tourism Council, announced the winners at the Veterans Day Ceremony for the poster contest, essay contests, and downtown window displays.

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