By Faye Gaston

Three prisons, one in Bullock County and two in Barbour County, will be in Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's "Prison Repurposing Commission's study."

In a press release, Governor Ivey said, "As our Alabama Prison Program moves forward in building three new prisons to provide additional safety for correctional staff and inmates, we will simultaneously need to smartly and safely repurpose or decommission these outdated, again prisons, many of which were never designed or constructed to be correctional facilities for their current use or capacity."

She said the state is revitalizing its prison systems "by replacing prison facilities that pose the greatest risk to public safety, place the largest financial burdens on taxpayers, and inhibit the development of programs for inmate rehabilitation."

Governor Ivey has named 15 members to serve on her "Alabama Prison Repurposing Commission."

They will have the task of conducting a thorough evaluation of the existing infrastructure of Alabama's prisons. They will make recommendations as to

  1. which prisons will be retained and renovated as major prisons,
  2. which prisons could be renovated and used for another purpose by the prison system, and
  3. prisons should serve a new purpose/function, whether by another public entity or the private sector

The 15 members of the Alabama Repurposing Commission are Neal Wade (chairman), Senator Greg Albritton, Ben Baxley, Ted Clem, Senator Linda Coleman-Madison, Harold Crouch, Darius Foster, Annette Funderburk, Representative Kelvin Lawrence, Merceria Ludgood, Walter Givhan, Allen G. Peck, Representative Connie Rowe, Kyes Stevens, and Willie Williams.

Governor Ivey recently announced the locations for the three new "mega prisons" that will be built by private companies and leased to the state of Alabama.

These three leased prisons would be in Bibb, Elmore, and Escambia counties.

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