Rodney Howard, the grandson of Ronald Howard, a 1977 graduate of Bullock County High competed in the International Miniature Rodeo Association Finals in Gifford, Illinois from November 3-7, 2021, and won the championship in bareback bronc riding.

Rodney, 13 years of age is following in his grandfather’s footsteps in riding and training horses.

This came to him naturally, because Ronald followed the training of his grandfather, Joseph Powell, affectionally known as “Rooster” of Bullock County.

Both Rodney and Ronald were introduced to horses at a very young age from their grandfathers. Both were small kids riding in the saddle, then behind the saddle with their grandfathers.

Rodney started competing in bareback rodeo riding at the age of nine. He and his cousin RJ Howard, another grandson of Ronald, both went to Oklahoma as a member of the B.R. Inc Association to compete in a rodeo but did not make enough qualifying rides.

They returned and became a member of the Boys from the South Association, where Rodney has been the bareback champion for three years. This year was different.

Rodney competed in four local rodeos in Alabama and Florida and won the area which earned him a trip to Illinois to the IMRA and a chance to complete for the world title.

Once reaching Illinois, he competed in four rounds, and completed all four rides with the highest average score going into the final round of two participants.

In the final round, his opponent did not complete his ride, but Rodney was successful in his ride and was awarded the Championship. His success afforded him the honor of winning four buckles and the title of IMRA World Senior Champion!!

Rodney, along with his cousins Damien, RJ, and Roman assist their grandfather in training and boarding of horses in McCalla, Alabama.

Rodney is the son of Ronda and Cortez Hughes of McCalla, Alabama.

Ronald is the son of J.B. Howard and Elizabeth Howard-Culpepper of Bullock County.

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