Franklin Field Airport

Franklin Field Airport

Opportunity Alabama and the Bullock County Development Authority are working in collaboration with the City of Union Springs and the Bullock County Commission on a grant called Rural Recovery Accelerator.

The team from Opportunity Alabama will address the economic resiliency of our community by developing strategies, data analysis, network development, marketing materials and investment opportunities. At the end of the program, Bullock County will have a Community Recovery Profile hosted on The Opportunity Alabama Exchange and a roadmap to project strategy and investment networks.

Opportunity Alabama is dedicated to driving capital into distressed communities via the designated Opportunity Zone in a community.

Along with the team from Opportunity Alabama, in attendance at the initial Bullock County work session at Franklin Field Airport (in person or virtually); Mayor Roderick Clark, Chairman Alonza Ellis, Commissioner Solomon Marlow, Atty. Elizabeth Smithart, Atty. Christy Wadsworth, Economic Developer David Padgett, and Rod Cater with Alabama Power.

The Rural Recovery Accelerator is a new community-oriented technical assistance program designed to help low income and rural communities build the economic resiliency strategies they need to survive the current Covid-19 crisis.

Opportunity Alabama works with statewide and national organizations intent on creating a lasting impact for communities. Communities are selected based on various criteria, notably their level of need, their capacity to address said need, and their ability to foster collaboration internally to get the job done.

The Rural Recovery Accelerator is made possible through grant funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission and Delta Regional Authority.

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